That Everyone Deserves An Education?

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 Unity Is Strength  -  Knowledge Is Power  -  Faith Is Everything

Unity Is Strength – Turning Lives Around

We are passionate about redirecting the lives of impoverished children and families
in Southeast Asia.

YOUR monthly gifts enable Leading to the Light to meet urgent needs, sustain operations and empower our workers to support children like Teerachai–who,
at age 8, was abandoned by his mother after his father died.

Consistent giving drives progress, and YOUR investment plays an integral part.

When you partner with Leading to the Light on a monthly basis, you’re helping to broaden our reach and give families hope for a better future.

TOGETHER we can create lasting impact.


"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." - Benjamin Franklin

Knowledge Is Power - Forging A Path Out Of Poverty

When you sponsor a child you change their world.


They can count on regular nutritious meals, a safe caring environment, and the education they need to rise above their poverty level.

By investing in their long-term future, YOU can help them Realize their potential and achieve their greatest dreams.





Faith Is Everything – Sending Endless Light

Numerous villages dotting the landscape are enshrouded in spiritual gloom. Faces ignorant of the shortness of time still have a chance to hear the everlasting gospel.

Medical missionaries are trained and eager to commit their lives to the gospel work.

Today YOU have the opportunity to empower these workers and let the light of Christ’s life shine into those spiritually dark places.

Your donation to the Endless Light project can help a medical missionary bring the gospel to her village, give a teacher the tools he needs to inspire the next generation, or print tracts to scatter like the leaves of autumn.

Your investment today will reap eternal rewards.

Send Endless Light

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