An Amazing 90% Student Commitment To Bible Work

Karen Bible School Update

We just returned from our Karen Bible School a few days ago. The local workers now call it Emerald Missionary Training Center or Emerald Island. The students had been doing groundwork for the past six months in anticipation for some of the Amazing Facts A.F.C.O.E. students. They came to hold a two week evangelistic series with them in December.

It was a blessing for all involved. Our students are eager to making a more aggressive evangelistic effort for the local villages. In fact, as this letter is being written, a twenty member team from Aenon Medical Missionary School in Malaysia have joined our students to follow up in two of the same villages with another week of health and evangelism.

Ying told me that 90% of this years students will return to their villages to carry on with the evangelism and medical missionary techniques they have been taught.

The other 10% of the students will go on to university to study to become teachers in our jungle schools.  

Your investment in this school is fortifying the gospel work in Thailand and Myanmar. God’s Kingdom is expanding.

Thanks to all who have supported this school for the past three years.

Please consider supporting our Karen Bible School today.

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Mote giving announcements before the evangelist begins.


Jopay shares some of the health advantages of adding lime to your water.









Thank you Manasseh and Scarlet for helping us bring the gospel to Ber Lu Kho.


Ber Lu Kho evangelistic series comes to an end.









Final Sabbath together at Emerald Island.


Amazing Facts evangelist, Wyatt Allen, helps with the baptism.









Welcome to our church family.


There is joy in heaven for just one soul saved.







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  1. What a wonderful blessing to see the results of all your efforts! Praise the Lord!


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