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“Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you,

that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and [that] your fruit should remain:

that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you.”  John 15:16


Last Sabbath we had a beautiful day worshiping with the EOF dorm students. We were especially happy because it was the first time that we were ALL together since arriving back in Thailand.

Lynette and Elyssa helped with the younger students, followed by Steve’s talk on John chapter 15.










Part of the afternoon program was to teach the students a song in English. As we were deciding, the Holy Spirit stepped in and impressed with an old song titled “Come Holy Spirit.”

The students were motivated, so for an hour and a half we diligently practiced the words and learned the tune. Our voices were getting hoarse by the time we finished, but our hearts were happy.










We are so grateful for the opportunities to spend quality time with these kids. The genuine love they show touches our hearts and gives us the determination and courage to continue to toil in their behalf.

Even though most of our work is administrative, maintaining a personal connection through active service keeps us grounded and focused on why weʼre here. It is our privilege to be the bridge that connects YOU to these students.

We convey our deepest appreciation for the sacrifices you make that they may grow in Christ; in knowledge and in purpose.

“Thank you for being an integral part of Leading to the Light.”

The Influence Of A Mother

Motherhood has the greatest potential influence in human life.

web-Mothers Day

We have a friend who recently lost her Mother. This year instead of spending time with her Mother, she will be spending Mothers Day remembering her in a memorial service.

It’s easy to take our mothers for granted, they are always there when you need them. From frantic late night phone calls discussing a sick child– to celebrating your latest accomplishments, your mothers words of wisdom and encouragement are just a phone call away.

But what if you grew up without a mother?

You’d be a different person.  You might struggle with your self esteem or identity.  You may miss out on the comfort and security that we take for granted.

And this got me thinking about the children you sponsor in Thailand.

Every one of them are precious jewels with a lot of potential.  Many of them don’t have a mother.

When you sponsor a child, you give them an opportunity for a better life.

But you also give them something else…

You give them tangible evidence that someone cares about them.  And ultimately that God cares too.

Caring changes the world.

Happy Mothers Day,

Steve, Lynette, Elyssa, and Micah

Web-Who Needs A sponsor

Gospel Advancing In Thailand

2016 Missionary Training Begins In May

Our 2015 Bible/medical missionary course will end next month just in time to bring 50 teachers from the EOF bamboo schools for a two month evangelistic training.

God has greatly blessed the students and projects they have been working on.

There are many who have come to train and work with us as teachers, evangelists, and medical missionaries.
Thank you all for your partnership and commitment to advancing the gospel among the Thai and Karen people.

Here is a two minute slide show about SOME of the progress and activities we experienced this past year.

                                Just click on the play button when you are ready to view.

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Photo of the Month: December 2015

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Hopeless to Hopeful

Some of you may be following the life of this village witch doctor who is dying of cancer. I am planning to go visit him in January. Watch for my upcoming update of how Saw Lee Lu and his wife went from hopeless to hopeful.

An Amazing 90% Student Commitment To Bible Work

Karen Bible School Update

We just returned from our Karen Bible School a few days ago. The local workers now call it Emerald Missionary Training Center or Emerald Island. The students had been doing groundwork for the past six months in anticipation for some of the Amazing Facts A.F.C.O.E. students. They came to hold a two week evangelistic series with them in December.

It was a blessing for all involved. Our students are eager to making a more aggressive evangelistic effort for the local villages. In fact, as this letter is being written, a twenty member team from Aenon Medical Missionary School in Malaysia have joined our students to follow up in two of the same villages with another week of health and evangelism.

Ying told me that 90% of this years students will return to their villages to carry on with the evangelism and medical missionary techniques they have been taught.

The other 10% of the students will go on to university to study to become teachers in our jungle schools.  

Your investment in this school is fortifying the gospel work in Thailand and Myanmar. God’s Kingdom is expanding.

Thanks to all who have supported this school for the past three years.

Please consider supporting our Karen Bible School today.

By clicking on this logo



Mote giving announcements before the evangelist begins.


Jopay shares some of the health advantages of adding lime to your water.









Thank you Manasseh and Scarlet for helping us bring the gospel to Ber Lu Kho.


Ber Lu Kho evangelistic series comes to an end.









Final Sabbath together at Emerald Island.


Amazing Facts evangelist, Wyatt Allen, helps with the baptism.









Welcome to our church family.


There is joy in heaven for just one soul saved.







It’s Just A Little Thing…

This week several parents of the E.O.P. Chiang Mai dorm students came to the E.O.F. foundation.

They wanted to harvest the rice to show their appreciation for the education opportunity program.

Tirapat and Pawn Pilee’s Mother




“Thank you for supporting my children. I cannot provide everything my children need and it is not safe to send them away to school in many places. I believe EOF can provide the best place for my children. I see that they will learn to know God.”

Tidaporn’s Father





“It is God’s blessing that my daughter can stay in the EOP dorm. To be here today to help harvest the rice is just a little thing, not very much, but it’s something that I can do to say thank you.”


The Education Opportunity Program (EOP) has given their children an opportunity to escape the black hole of poverty and a chance for a better life…

A life that previously could only be envisioned in their dreams.

Because of sponsors like YOU, these parents are able to realize what would have been an impossibility.

Watching their children gain knowledge, skills and a faith in God– is a joyful experience.

One for which they are profoundly grateful.

Thanks to YOU the upward journey of their children has begun,

But…it’s not over.

These children still need you. Your financial support is crucial to their success.

Please consider sponsoring a student for the 2016-2017 school year.

Thank You for your prayers and support.

The Rawlings Family

Steve, Lynette, Elyssa and Micah

Do You Blame Others For Your Misfortunes?

web-Meeting with Bilay

We walked into the humble “living room” and sat on a grass mat waiting for Bilay to join us. We had come, unannounced to visit his dormitory.

One of the students was quickly dispatched to let him know we were here.

Soon we heard the familiar scuffling sound as his flip flop clad hands drug his paralyzed body across the sidewalk. His face was radiant when he entered the room.

What an amazing testimony to the power of God.

I wish everyone could see what this severely handicapped person has accomplished under seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

Bilay could have chosen to blame others for his misfortunes.

He could have blamed:

•  The doctor for giving his father defective medicine
•  The Burmese soldiers for destroying his village and terrorizing his people
•  His poverty as an excuse for not helping others

Instead he chose to live his life with a purpose and serve his people spiritually and practically.

Currently he is the lay pastor of a small village church. He and his wife are feeding and taking care of 20 needy children that live in their dorm.

We consider it a great privilege to support and represent Bilay and other local workers like him.

Although God could send His angels to directly take care of their needs, he chooses to use people–so that he can pour out his infinite blessings upon us.

God has been using YOU by multiplying your gifts just like the loaves and fishes. You have truly been making a positive impact in many lives, just like Bilay’s and his underprivileged children.

This summer we will be traveling across America showing many others how YOUR prayers and resources are working to help dedicated local missionaries in Thailand and Myanmar.

Every month, Leading to the Light distributes your “Thailand Projects” funds to several local programs.

To insure that the local workers and children at Belay’s Home will receive the support they need during our five month absence, we need to make all the necessary financial arrangements by May 10th.

Will you help us reach our $3,500 commitment?

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Time Left To Meet Our Commitment.

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