Bilay’s Home 2017

Give A Gift That Will Last A Lifetime


By helping one of these children reach their $420 goal for this school year,

you are supplying them with tools to forge a path out of poverty. 

$35 per month will provide one student with food, uniforms, school supplies, and safe housing.

Education Opportunity Program – Bilay’s Home


Your gift of any amount is effective and appreciated.

 If you are unable to commit to a one year full sponsorship–no worries.

Here are two more ways you can help these children.


1. You can start a quick easy fundraising campaign.

By rallying your friends and family you will have a child sponsored in no time.

(Select a student then click on the “Learn More” button to start your fundraising campaign today.)


2. You can donate to the “Unsponsored Child Fund”.


Your donation will work together with others to uplift a child in need.