Do You Blame Others For Your Misfortunes?

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We walked into the humble “living room” and sat on a grass mat waiting for Bilay to join us. We had come, unannounced to visit his dormitory.

One of the students was quickly dispatched to let him know we were here.

Soon we heard the familiar scuffling sound as his flip flop clad hands drug his paralyzed body across the sidewalk. His face was radiant when he entered the room.

What an amazing testimony to the power of God.

I wish everyone could see what this severely handicapped person has accomplished under seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

Bilay could have chosen to blame others for his misfortunes.

He could have blamed:

•  The doctor for giving his father defective medicine
•  The Burmese soldiers for destroying his village and terrorizing his people
•  His poverty as an excuse for not helping others

Instead he chose to live his life with a purpose and serve his people spiritually and practically.

Currently he is the lay pastor of a small village church. He and his wife are feeding and taking care of 20 needy children that live in their dorm.

We consider it a great privilege to support and represent Bilay and other local workers like him.

Although God could send His angels to directly take care of their needs, he chooses to use people–so that he can pour out his infinite blessings upon us.

God has been using YOU by multiplying your gifts just like the loaves and fishes. You have truly been making a positive impact in many lives, just like Bilay’s and his underprivileged children.

This summer we will be traveling across America showing many others how YOUR prayers and resources are working to help dedicated local missionaries in Thailand and Myanmar.

Every month, Leading to the Light distributes your “Thailand Projects” funds to several local programs.

To insure that the local workers and children at Belay’s Home will receive the support they need during our five month absence, we need to make all the necessary financial arrangements by May 10th.

Will you help us reach our $3,500 commitment?

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Time Left To Meet Our Commitment.

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