It’s Just A Little Thing…

This week several parents of the E.O.P. Chiang Mai dorm students came to the E.O.F. foundation.

They wanted to harvest the rice to show their appreciation for the education opportunity program.

Tirapat and Pawn Pilee’s Mother




“Thank you for supporting my children. I cannot provide everything my children need and it is not safe to send them away to school in many places. I believe EOF can provide the best place for my children. I see that they will learn to know God.”

Tidaporn’s Father





“It is God’s blessing that my daughter can stay in the EOP dorm. To be here today to help harvest the rice is just a little thing, not very much, but it’s something that I can do to say thank you.”


The Education Opportunity Program (EOP) has given their children an opportunity to escape the black hole of poverty and a chance for a better life…

A life that previously could only be envisioned in their dreams.

Because of sponsors like YOU, these parents are able to realize what would have been an impossibility.

Watching their children gain knowledge, skills and a faith in God– is a joyful experience.

One for which they are profoundly grateful.

Thanks to YOU the upward journey of their children has begun,

But…it’s not over.

These children still need you. Your financial support is crucial to their success.

Please consider sponsoring a student for the 2016-2017 school year.

Thank You for your prayers and support.

The Rawlings Family

Steve, Lynette, Elyssa and Micah

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