“Can we come back next year?”…

The E.O.P. 7 day Bible Camp was a huge success.

Our Chiang Mai E.O.P. dorm students descended upon the new Karen Bible School property for a very enjoyable time of spiritual growth and recreation.


Pastor Phamor giving a Bible study.


Students collecting stones for a retaining wall.







One of the benefits of living at an E.O.P. dorm, is the many Bible classes taught throughout the year to prepare the students for baptism.

Four of the students who were ready for baptism decided that they wanted to celebrate this special event in the river bordering our Karen Bible School property.  Publicly, they took their turn in sharing their decision to follow Christ.

It was a beautiful baptism–the highlight of the camp.


Kannipa Jenjira, Nareerat, Watsana, Pastor Phamor.

God is Good!


“For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea.” Habakkuk 2:14



A big THANK YOU to all of you who are sponsoring an academy student this year.

We’ve almost reached our goal…

Thanks to more donor participation, we only have 12 MORE STUDENTS that need sponsors to attend the Chiang Mai Adventist Academy for this school year!




 To help these students reach their 2015 tuition goal.

Next month the students will return early to paint the new Chiang Mai E.O.P. boys dormitory, and work on other miscellaneous projects.

They are eager to join the other children at Chiang Mai Academy when school starts on May 18.

Do you know anyone who would delight in helping a worthy student receive an exceptional education, please direct them to our website at new.leadingtothelight.org.

What makes this education exceptional you ask?

It’s not only being able to attend a christian academy, but by living at an E.O.P. dorm, the children are included as part of the family and enjoy:

•  Morning and evening “family” worships
•  Helping with chores
•  Participating in community outreach and evangelism

We are looking forward to another great school year.

Thanks for your support,

Steve, Lynette, Elyssa, and Micah




Students enjoying worship at E.O.P. Bible Camp.


Ji Ji demonstrating massage with Mrs. Phamor.







A very exciting ride to a waterfall.


Lunch time.














Temporary kitchen.


Picnic at the river.








Jenjira and pastor Phamor.


Jack giving a worship service.








Students had a great time together before heading home for their summer break.


Looking forward to reuniting in April at the Education Opportunity Foundation E.O.P. dorm in Chiang Mai.

Photo of the Month: March 2015

05a-March. Photo

A choice parents make every day in the mountains of western Myanmar…

First Choice

“I can send my child far away to a strange village where they may attend school and possibly break this cycle of poverty for our family.”

Second Choice

“My child might be sold into slavery or prostitution and might die. It may be better to teach them how to find bamboo shoots and other food in the jungle that they can sell to earn a living here in our village.”


The Education Opportunity Foundation has established safe, Christian dormitories where poverty-stricken children can live while attending a Christian school.

Karen Bible School – Three Years and Growing

I am thrilled to share this progress report of how God is advancing His work on the Thai/Myanmar border through our Karen Bible School with you.


Leading to the Light, with the generous support of its donors, was able to fund a ten month Bible/Medical Missionary training. Over the course of the year, sixty-five of the Education Opportunity Foundation workers and students enthusiastically attended. After returning to their posts, more than half of them immediately implemented the training into their evangelistic work and experienced an increase in blessings and power for God’s work.

Saw Poe Lwe Shared:

55 - Po Lwe

“After returning to my post, I started a small health center with our church members so we can help the people in our village. Two villagers who did the things we taught them, accepted God’s healing methods as the reason for their improved health and decided to be baptized and follow God’s word.”



Some Results of Our Ten-Month Training:

•  5 small health centers started in rural villages.
•  2 baptisms.
•  3 new workers.
•  65  joyful people equipped to use the health work as an entering wedge for the gospel.



Once again our donors pave the way for a three month intensive Bible/Medical Missionary Leadership training with Education Opportunity Foundation.

In the last half of this course, many of the students were given an opportunity to step out of their comfort zone by entering into unreached villages. Ying divided the class into teams and sent them to different local villages to practice what they were learning in class. Each team was to leave our school grounds Friday morning and  not return until Saturday night. This meant that they would need to make friends in order to have a place to eat, sleep, and worship. They learned that the medical missionary work was the key that opened the door to many hearts.

Saw Mynso Reported:

03-Saw Myint Soe

“In the past we only taught about the Bible. Many people didn’t like that and would leave. Because we studied at the Karen Bible School with pastor Phamor, we now know that medical missionary is the way to open people’s hearts. We help anyone who is sick in the villages and teach them how to be healthy. Now the villages welcome us to come and teach them about health as well as about the Bible.”



God blessed and more students are on fire for using the health work as the entering wedge. All testified that God’s methods are superior. They found that the villagers were seeking them and were much more receptive. All have returned to their villages with more confidence and enthusiasm for sharing the gospel. Several have committed to full time mission service.

Some Results of The Three Month Training.

•  Established an S.D.A. primary school with fifty students in an unreached area by using health as the entering wedge.
•  5 New Workers
•  4 Students receive a scholarship from Aenon Health Care in Malaysia for further Bible/Medical Missionary training.
•  Plans to establish a permanent location for our one year training program.



This year will mark the launch of a full time Bible/Medical Missionary Training Center for the Karen people. We made a decision to stop renting our previous school site and develop a nearby property that the Thailand Adventist Mission has had for years.

Saw Ler Gay Said:

23-Ler Gay

“I believe that everyone who comes to the Karen Bible School will receive a great benefit and education on how to reach souls for God’s kingdom. I decided that when I get back to my post, I will start a health center so others can benefit and learn about God’s plan.”




Education Opportunity Foundation will invite 15 students to participate in a ten month leadership training program beginning in May. These students will be our future E.O.F. instructors in various lines of Evangelism.

Not all of the E.O.F. workers are able to travel to our Karen Bible School. Many teachers have small children and cannot be separated.  Our desire is for these graduates to be able to go to our remote jungle schools to live and teach the word of God. 

Some Projected Results of This Years Training.

•  15 Medical Missionary Evangelists capable of training our teachers and church members in the field.
•  Establish and support small health centers in unreached areas of Thailand and Myanmar.
•  Host 2-4 Additional Teacher Evangelist Seminars per year.
•  Host 2-4 Bible English Camps for village children.
•  Student participation in community outreach programs including Health fairs, Cooking
   Demonstrations, and Prophecy Seminars.


We will need to raise $120.00 per month** for each attending student

in order to supply them with room, board, and evangelistic leadership training.

**($1,200.00 for the full one year program.)

“Don’t worry if you are unable to support a full month of training.
Your donation will unite with others to help these students
complete their $1,200.00 tuition goal.”

Click Here

to learn more or support this valuable leadership training


Our new Karen Bible School campus is situated in a rural location and has 8 acres of farm land bordered by a medium sized river. This will not only give valuable work experience for the students, but it will also give the school some self-sustainability. With God’s help, this school will produce an army of consecrated workers with a life long commitment to the growth of His kingdom.

web2-Baluko Map Detailed

Don’t Forget…

The other night I couldn’t sleep. I was tossing and turning trying to get comfortable despite the large weight pressing down on all sides.

The seemingly overwhelming responsibility that we have taken on here in Thailand, was feeling pretty heavy.

From sponsoring a child, to holding the next Karen Bible school, I racked my brain to think of clever ways that I could extend my reach even further to engage new people in
this mission.

In my distress, God broke through and turned the focus from myself to Him.   He reminded me that this is His work, not mine.  I was forgetting the amazing ways that He has led us in the past.

God’s word says:

“Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”  Matt. 11:28-30

How could I forget this most important partner?

Instead of taking on His yoke, I was creating a much larger one.

What about you?

Are you forcing a yoke upon yourself that is too heavy?

It’s easy to take on a heavier load than God intended. We tend to pride ourselves on being independent and capable.

Sometimes we forget that it’s not what WE can do, but what God can do for us that brings success. He is longing for us to expect great things from Him.

As we enter this new year, lets remember to yoke up  with the One who promises to carry our heavy loads.

Remember that God really IS in control of His work and our lives. All we have to do is ask Him.

Photo of the Month: December 2014

Dec. Photo

Students at Karen Frontier Adventist Academy plant rice to provide food for their school. This agriculture program also allows them to work for their tuition.

Complete Joy?…You Decide.

Hard Work

What would you do if your child needed more than you could give?

Suradet’s family exists from hand to mouth. His parents are hard working daily laborers. Although willing to work, their income is unstable.

Sometimes there is work for them, and sometimes there isn’t.

The dream of funding an education for their six children seems an overwhelming impossibility.

Suradet learned early in life the value of hard work.  He has had first hand experience with the principle “If you don’t work…you don’t eat”.

At age 19, Suradet has worked hard to support himself through school, but has only reached the 9th grade.

All his hard work is not enough for him to rise above his poverty level. He needs a helping hand.

The Education Opportunity Program exists to provide hundreds of underprivileged students with clean, safe homes in a supportive Christian environment while giving them a quality education.

It is very gratifying to serve and uplift these children who value this opportunity.

Suradet is elated to be accepted into the E.O.P. program.

But…his joy is not complete.

He is still anxiously waiting for a sponsor.

Suradet’s Dream:

MT14027-“I am Suradet Witesooksom.  I was born on April 5, 1995.  I am a Christian and study in grade 9. …
I have a dream to have a higher education…After the graduation I would like to go back to my village church to help them. I have to do my best for fulfilling my dream if it is God’s plan.
But, it’s only me, I cannot fulfill my dream by myself so I need someone to help me.

I believe there will be someone to be kind and support me as building the opportunity in education and serving God. Thank for your help.”


The next move is yours…YOU can greatly impact Suradet’s life.

$2.15 a day is all it takes to complete his joy.

This Christmas, give a gift that will last forever.


Sponsor Suradet for a full year or join others to help him reach his $780.00 goal.

Please join us in changing the world one child at a time,

Steve, Lynette, Elyssa, and Micah


P.S. Watch this video to find out more about the Education Opportunity Program.

Photo of the Month: November 2014

Karen Woman and Child

This Karen woman was waiting patiently with her baby to receive a free mosquito net from Education Opportunity Foundation. The strings around their wrist and neck are to keep away the evil spirits.

Happy Thanksgiving

We missed seeing you this last summer, but the time spent on organization was valuable.

Through all the hard work, we have come out even more focused and very thankful.

We are Thankful…

•   That four years ago this month, we pushed through the doubt and fear of the unknown, and grabbed hold of the opportunity to test God’s promises and make a positive difference in the lives of the people in Southeast Asia.

•   That we get to enjoy the Holiday Season with family. Lynette’s parents will finally get to see first hand some of the work that God is doing in Thailand.

•   That our new Leading to the Light website is almost finished. (We’ll let you know when it’s live.)

Most of all–we’re thankful for YOU.

We consider you to be valuable partners in this ministry. We’re just here living on the front lines to oversee the work that God is accomplishing through your involvement.

Thank you for your prayers, support, and encouragement.

We couldn’t be here without you.

“May your day be filled with blessings as you recall with family
and friends, the great and mighty things that God has done.”

Happy Thanksgiving!


Steve, Lynette, Elyssa, and Micah Rawlings

Thank you!

For partnering with Leading to the Light.

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