Karen Bible School

How Far Are You Willing To Walk To Find Truth?


When we extend an opportunity to attend our Karen Bible training school,

many students will travel for three plus days on foot and in boats to be there.


Students attending Emerald Missionary Training Center receive a practical knowledge of God’s Word, and a true understanding of how to use the health message as an entering wedge.

Discovering a higher purpose to life, they come away empowered and eager to share with others. Thus, through the workings of the Holy Spirit, many are called out of darkness into God’s marvelous light.

Your financial support will ensure that the light of God’s word will continue to spread throughout the remote parts of Southeast Asia. Without your assistance these students would not have the opportunity to send endless light.


Join others to assist them in reaching their $100.00 per month goal.


Many Emerald students have traveled three days from their remote mountain villages with a small bag of belongings on their shoulder. They know that they must carry supplies back to their villages when they are finished at Emerald Missionary Training Center. 


Watch this video to find out more about the return home from their trek for truth.